Joan Albert Amargós

Music Orchestration


Music composer and director born in Barcelona. Piano and clarinet instrumentalist, he has composed chamber and symphonic works. The use of melody, rhythmic counterpoint, and the use of a fully extended armonia your preferences. It also highlights in his facet of arranger and composer in the world of jazz and flamenco. He has earned ten times (between 1999 and 2011), the award for best arranger of Spain, awarded by the Academic of Music. The Generalitat de Catalunya awarded him in 2002 the National Music Prize for the opera “Euridice” and the “Flamenco orchestra” project and also won the City of Barcelona Prize the same year by the premiere of the “Concerto for Bass Trombone and orchestra”. He was recently nominated for Grammy Awards 2008 in the category of “Best contemporary classical composition” by the book “Northern Concerto” for flute and symphony orchestra. With this same work was awarded the prize for “Best Classical Music author” in the “Music Awards” in 2008 and for his collaboration with pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque, the same award in 2009. In April 2010 it premiered at the Auditorio de Madrid with OCNE and under the direction of Josep Pons, his concerto for two pianos and orchestra entitled “Soundscapes of Spain”. The solo part was in charge of the pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque. He has collaborated with the most important artists of all genres (JMSerrat, M.Poveda, Ana Belen, Placido Domingo, Alfredo Kraus, Vince Mendoza, Vicente Amigo, Noa, Barbara Hendricks and etc), as well as collaborations with director some of the best European and American orchestras.

Catalogue most important works:

Chamber music:
Música per a arpa (1996)
Tango català (1996), per a flauta i guitarra Homenatge a Lorca (1998), per a saxo alto i piano
Allegro festivo (1999), per a violí i piano
En el aire (2003), per a violí i piano
Atlantic trio (2003), per a violí, clarinet i piano
L’assemblea dels infants (2004), cantata per a nens i 9 instruments
Retrats (2007), per a piano
Duetto festivo (2009), per a viola i piano
Retrat de Chopin (2010) per a piano

Concert per a clarinet i orquestra (1995)
Danza de Equus (1994)
Concert per a trombó baix i orquestra (2001)
Northern Concerto (for recorder and orchestra) (2005), a Michala Petri
Pax Haganum (2006)
Homenatge a Michael Brecker (2008), per a saxo alto i orquestra
Paisajes sonoros de España (2009), per a dos pianos i orquestra
Siete canciones españolas (2010), per a cantaora (mezzo) i orquestra

Eurídice (2001), per a 3 veus i orquestra de cambra
El salón de Anubis (2007), per a 4 veus i orquestra de cambra

Orchestra & Choirs:
Cantata de la terra (1993)
Requiem (1994), ballet
Milenarium (2003)
Planetarium (1992)

Big band:
Hasta siempre, Jaco (1988)
Flash Mompou (1997)

Big band & Symphonic Orchestra:
Transformacions (2002)

Concert popular (1983)
Jocs temàtics (2011)

Variants de color (2002)

Cobla & other instruments:
Simfonieta concertant (2007), per a cobla, piano, violí, violoncel i percussió


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